2018 BiPartisan Program Committee:
Leaders As Hosts

A 2018 "Lively Experiment"

The 2018 BiPartisan Program Committee is “a lively experiment” in which LRI can set an example for the class, alumni, and the nation by connecting the two sides to find compromise, common ground, innovation, and ideas.

“This committee has the potential to inspire so much in others, as leaders wrestle with maintaining their integrity and core values against contrary ideals of others while simultaneously building a better society in service to their fellow man,” says Mike Ritz ’07, Executive Director.

The idea came to Ritz after John Harpootian ’88 and Myrth York ’92, co-chairs of this year-long committee, shared similar sentiments at separate Jeffersonian Dinners about the importance of bipartisan cooperation.

Committee Members

Myrth York ’92, Co-Chair
Lanre Ajakaiye ’17
Jacob Brier ’14
Susan Daly ’13
Ginnie Dunleavy ’16
David Pellegrino ’15
Michelle Saunders ’09

John Harpootian ’88, Co-Chair
Jerauld Adams ’14
Danielle Alpher ’15
Jennifer Brinton ’17
Henry Cruz ’17
Leeds Mitchell IV ’15
John Stringer ’86