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At Leadership Rhode Island, you will be challenged by the critical issues facing our state and also get an in-depth, behind-the-scenes view of Rhode Island. You’ll go where key issues are addressed and meet with state, community, and business leaders. And all of this takes place in the company of 60 other leaders from a wide range of fields, backgrounds, and view points - selected for their leadership capacity, talents, and life experiences, and sharing a commitment to making Rhode Island a community with the brightest of futures.

Imagine yourself touring Narragansett Bay on an expertly guided cruise to see first hand Bayside development, and the aquatic life the bay holds; discussing ethics in the media with key Rhode Island TV, radio, and newspaper reporters and editors, and then taking on that role yourself.

Imagine touring the state’s correctional facilities and speaking with inmates about life on the inside as well as their hopes and fears for when they are released and return home.

Imagine exploring state-of-the-art medical technology developed right here in Rhode Island, and discussing with a group of high school students how their school has turned itself around and what that means to their hopes and aspirations.

Imagine yourself acting in the role of a State Senator, caucusing with your party, researching issues, and hearing testimony on bills on immigration or education, then engaging in a lively Senate floor debate and vote.

Imagine speaking with the Chief of Police of our Capital City about crime, gangs, and opportunities to address these problems with new methods such as community policing.

Imagine yourself learning about and enjoying Rhode Island in ways you never dreamed possible.

Imagine yourself in the 2017 Nu II class of Leadership Rhode Island.

The Curriculum


Each year, Leadership Rhode Island selects a diverse group of leaders to participate in a thought-provoking, 10-month educational and community engagement curriculum that consists of an overnight retreat, ten monthly daylong sessions, and a small-group project. Participants experience an integrated, systems-based leadership education, framed around statewide issues.

A year at LRI typically includes the following topics.

  • Education 
  • Economic Development
  • Government
  • Media
  • Basic Needs
  • Criminal Justice
  • Arts
  • Tourism


Throughout the year, we invite participants to involve themselves in a wide selection of enhancement activities. These are optional activities, which take place outside of the session days and provide you with the opportunity to expand your knowledge of a topic area through direct experience in the company of your classmates and three decades of Leadership Rhode Island alumni. For example, you might have the opportunity to ride with a police officer during his or her shift, take a ride on a black hawk helicopter, have a private meeting with the editor of a newspaper, or tour a free health care clinic, the state landfill and recycling facility, or an art gallery.




Not only does this program provide on-site, experiential knowledge of the Rhode Island community, it also strengthens leadership competencies in areas such as:

  • Visioning 
  • Collaboration
  • Respect and Appreciation for Diversity and Leadership  Inclusiveness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Coalition Building
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Creating Public Dialogue
  • Developing Solutions


The benefits of the Core Leadership Program are numerous for individuals, their organizations, and the community at large.  Participation is just the beginning of an ongoing commitment and opportunity for leadership and trustee development, as alumni of the program remain active in LRI and their communities throughout Rhode Island.


To apply to the 2017 Nu II class please click here