Core Program

Each year Leadership Rhode Island selects a diverse group of established and emerging leaders to participate in a thought-provoking, 10-month (January – October) community leadership program. Statewide issues are examined through the perspectives of experts, on-site visits, readings, discussion groups, problem-solving exercises, and other experiential activities.

The Core Program is a not a starting point, but rather a process for leaders to refine and enhance their commitment to Rhode Island throughout their lives. Participation opens the door to ongoing personal growth, professional development and community leadership. Graduates join LRI’s network of 2,000-plus alumni and a life of Rhode Island stewardship. There is only one way to be part of this – experience it yourself.

College Program

College Leadership Rhode Island (CLRI) is a career readiness program that inspires, educates, and engages a diverse group of student leaders. Founded in 2004, CLRI is a tuition-free, semester-long program (4 full-day sessions) that explores careers in the nonprofit, public and private sectors through experiential learning and direct access to community and industry leaders.

The program prepares students to navigate life after college by providing them with professional networks and knowledge to build their careers, and encourages them to remain lifelong learners and engaged citizens in Rhode Island.