Leaders As Hosts Q&A Series: Bob Ferreira (LRI ’11)

Bob Ferreira (LRI '11)Leadership Rhode Island recently asked Bob Ferreira (LRI ’11), LRI Board Member and Assistant Vice President, Alumni Relations at Providence College, about his perspective on LRI’s 2018 theme, “Leader As Host.”

What does it mean to you to be an effective Leader As Host?

It means that I use leadership as an educational tool. Leadership that, at its core, demonstrates the importance and effectiveness of collaboration where individual and group strengths are in harmony for the common good.

What has been your proudest professional or personal moment as a Leader As Host?

When I was appointed the acting Vice President for a division that was viewed as struggling. It was at a time where people felt their departments were fragmented, morale was at an all-time low, and it was essential for a new leader to come in to recognize the value of the membership (individually and collectively) and introduce a concept of effective collaboration.

When does the Leader As Host style not work well?

When personal agendas lead a process that is meant to be collaborative by design.

In an era of blockbuster superhero movies and a U.S. President who stated during his recent campaign, “I alone can fix it. I will restore law and order,” is Leader As Host an outdated concept or one not applicable to current times?

May be viewed as not applicable to current times, as we are caught up in a current world-scenario where many “celebrity” leaders are seen as entertainers, not necessarily leaders as hosts. But, I think in everyday culture/society and in the workplace, the Leader as Host model is still most affective.

Why, if at all, should Leadership Rhode Island emphasize this leadership style?

Because it works! Our current RI climate yearns for opportunities for people to work together and to learn from each other. As we try to further build and enhance a culture of diversity, inclusion and acceptance, a Leaders and Host model is important for understanding and progress.

What Rhode Island problem or challenge do you think could be better resolved with an effective Leader(s) As Host to convene?

Meeting the academic potential of all students, not just for those who can afford a quality education. Also, understanding and recognizing that meeting academic potential must also take place outside of the classroom.

* Learn more about “Leaders As Hosts” through the online essay, “Leadership In the Age of Complexity: From Leader to Host,” by Margaret Wheatley and Debbie Frieze.