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2019 Omicron II Core Program Application

Leadership Rhode Island
We engage and connect people through shared experiences that positively transform individuals, organizations and communities.


We see a Rhode Island that is flourishing — economically, civically, culturally — built on a foundation of ever-improving human capital whose strengths and potential we spend each day revealing and igniting.


And we see the lessons of this lively leadership experiment being shared and amplified around the country and the world to nurture the kind of fully-engaged societies that create lasting, positive change.


Before you get to the application, we’d like to review the Core Program, explain the application and selection processes and provide details on tuition.


Leadership Rhode Island engages leaders from the private, public and nonprofit sectors in a 10-month community leadership program that explores an array of statewide issues. Contemporary topics are examined by hearing the perspectives of Rhode Island officials and experts, and through readings, group discussions, problem-solving exercises and on-site visits.


These shared experiences transform a group of individuals into a network of leaders with the knowledge and commitment to benefit the entire state. The Core Program opens doors to greater community involvement, encourages the forging of strategic alliances, and creates opportunities for positive change.


Consider applying if you can demonstrate the following:

• Passion for the people and the future of our state

• Personal commitment to shaping Rhode Island’s future

• Commitment to community through past and present activities

• Demonstrated leadership within your organization and/or community

• Desire to engage, connect with, and learn from cross sector leaders with different perspectives


Participation centers on involvement, starting with a two-day overnight Orientation Retreat in January, and one full day (7:30am-5:30pm) session a month from January to October (two days in June). Full day attendance at all sessions is required. Also, participation in a Leadership in Action project could require an additional 10 hours monthly. Participants must fulfill program attendance requirements to graduate.


Employer support is essential. Session days occur during typical work hours. Project planning, class preparation, and optional enhancement activities may also claim some of your time.


The Core Program is not a starting point for leadership development, but rather a process for leaders to refine and enhance their commitment to Rhode Island. At graduation, you join Leadership Rhode Island’s 2,300+ alumni network and a life of Rhode Island stewardship.



Overnight Retreat: Thursday, January 10 to Friday, January 11


Wednesday, January 30

Wednesday, February 27

Wednesday, March 27

Friday, April 12

Wednesday, May 15

Wednesday, June 12

Wednesday, June 26

Wednesday, July 24

**Wednesday, August 7 (makeup date)

Wednesday, August 21

Wednesday, September 18

Commencement: Wednesday, October 16

** Makeup date is reserved in case of winter weather cancellations.




Selection of participants is based on information provided on the application, two letters of reference, and a personal interview. Please allow ample time for the following steps:


Step 1: Complete online application by September 23, 2018

Step 2: Pay $60 non-refundable application fee, payable to Leadership Rhode Island.

The application fee can be paid online at:


Payment can also be mailed to Leadership Rhode Island, 1570 Westminster Street, 1st Floor, Providence, RI 02909 or

Step 3: Email two letters of reference to office@leadershipri.org OR mail to Leadership Rhode Island, 1570 Westminster Street, 1st Floor, Providence, RI 02909 by October 17, 2018.

Step 4: Complete CliftonStrengths assessment (a code will be emailed to you)

Step 5: Await scheduling by Leadership Rhode Island for an alumni panel interview





A committee made up of Leadership Rhode Island alumni will select a cohort of approximately 75 leaders who demonstrate a commitment to Rhode Island and are driven to positively transform the state. The committee seeks to create a diverse, dynamic, and well-balanced class, with an emphasis on broad representation of sectors, occupations, generations, racial/ethnic/cultural backgrounds, geographic residence, and community interests. 




The $5,550 tuition covers all program costs and materials, including meals, and all expenses associated with the retreat.


Payment in full is due Dec. 10, 2018. There is also an option that calls for a 25 percent initial payment and a payment schedule that ends with a final payment by August 1, 2019.


Payments may be in cash, money order, check or cashier’s check payable to Leadership Rhode Island. Online payments include a 3% credit card processing fee. Each participant must make a personal commitment of $300 by December 10, 2018. Tuition is non-refundable.




Leadership Rhode Island has a tuition assistance program based on demonstrated financial need. Tuition assistance requests and applications for admission to the Class of 2019 are considered independently. However, both the application and the request for tuition assistance must be submitted by September 23, 2018. Please contact Kristin Zosa Puleo at kzosapuleo@leadershipri.org for Tuition Assistance forms. No tuition assistance requests will be accepted after the application deadline. Requests for assistance will be kept confidential. All recipients of tuition assistance are expected to donate two (2) hours of their time to LRI prior to graduation, plus ten (10) hours within one year of graduation.





Leadership Rhode Island|1570 Westminster St.1st Fl. | Providence, RI 02909 | 401.273.1574 | office@leadershipri.org| www.leadershipri.org


Personal Information


Leadership Rhode Island relies heavily on email to ensure timely and efficient communication. We do not share your information with anyone other than staff, alumni, and presenters. We request two email addresses.

Demographic and Household Information

Leadership Rhode Island seeks a class that is reflective of the demographic make-up of Rhode Island. Accordingly, it is important to identify constituents from various socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, and cultural groups. Your responses to the following will assist our selection committee in addressing this class mix; however, your response is optional.

Current Employment Information

Previous Employment Information

Please list your previous employment starting with the most recent. 


List educational background, beginning with high school. Include college(s), advanced degrees and/or specific training.

Business / Professional Affiliations

List business and professional affiliations in which you have been active. Do not include civic organizations or political activity.

Community Involvement

Please list, in order of importance to you, current community, civic, religious, political, social, athletic or other activities in which you are involved. Indicate your role in these activities at this time. Do not include business/professional affiliations.

General Information

Hold the control button down to select more than one answer

Interest Areas

Please obtain two letters of reference: one professional and one personal. They should attest to your qualifications for this program, to previous leadership performance and potential to create change. Please list these two references below. Letters should be received by Leadership Rhode Island either by email to office@leadershipri.org OR uploaded with your application, no later than October 17, 2018.

Optional Additional Information