2020 Pi II Program Committee:
Come Together

Committee Members

Sterling Clinton-Spellman ’19 – Co-Chair
Polished by Sterling, CEO & Founder
Activator– Positivity– Communication– Connectedness– Includer

James W. Farley ’81 – Co-Chair
The Farlanthia Group, Consultant
Deliberative– Empathy– Input– Responsibility- Connectedness

Kenny Alston ’18
RI Department of Health, Chief Legal Counsel
Intellection– Relator – Analytical– Input – Achiever

Scott Avedisian ’97 

Cindy Bessette ’18
CMB Enterprises, Principal/Owner
Strategic– Achiever– Developer– Empathy- Relator

Kara Brady ’19 
Citizens Bank, Assistant Vice President, Assistant Communications Partner
Restorative– Developer– Includer– Empathy– Arranger

Jay Conway ’84
RDW Group, SVP/Partner
Responsibility– Harmony– Belief– Developer- Connectedness

Melinda Gaudreau ’19
Pawtucket Credit Union, VP, Branch Administration
Arranger– Futuristic– Ideation– Empathy- Strategic

Margaret Kane ’03

Christine Lopes Metcalfe ’12
RI Department of Education, Chief Executive Officer of the RIDE/School Building Authority
Belief– Relator– Deliberative– Empathy- Responsibility

Mary Marran ’12
Butler Hospital, President, COO

Nathan Nagbe-Lathrobe ’19
RI National Guard, Assistant Inspector General
Restorative– Connectedness– Arranger– Learner- Intellection

Tiana Ochoa ’18
Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ocean State, Program Director
Restorative– Developer – Input– Empathy – Positivity

Hank Webster ’18
Acadia Center, Policy Advocate + Staff Attorney
Relator– Ideation– Restorative– Individualization- Strategic

Kerry Wilson ’19
Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, Financial Solutions Advisor
Futuristic– Relator– Positivity– Competition- Focus