Positively affecting the Rhode Island community since 1981.


Leadership Rhode Island has held over 150 alumni events & enhancements since 2011:

35+ Tours and “Behind the Scenes” Looks

30+ Leadership Chats, Discussion Forums, and Focus Groups

30+ Social Events, Parties, and Meet Ups

30+ Core Program Enhancements

15 Jeffersonian Dinners

14 Publick Occurrences

Jeffersonian Dinners

Leadership Rhode Island launched a series of “Jeffersonian Dinners” in 2016, adopting the dinner format from Jeffrey Walker’s TedTalk wherein he outlined a contemporary approach for Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello dinners – “feasts of reason” the third president held to explore issues of the day through perspectives that only a gathering of thoughtful guests could provide.

Publick Occurrences

Publick Occurrences serves to educate, engage, and provoke action around the most timely, controversial topics of the Rhode Island day by bringing together experts from the public and private sectors.

Named after the first multi-page newspaper published in 1690 and immediately shut down by the colonial government after one edition due to the provocative nature of the “reflections of a very high nature,” these free and open-to-the-public forums are an exercise in civil discourse. Deliberate audience engagement occurs through Q-and-A sessions and interactive audience polls, conducted with “i>clicker” technology.