"Rhode Island will be the example of the nation."
- Jim Clifton, Chairman & CEO, Gallup


In March 2014, Leadership Rhode Island, in partnership with Gallup, launched Make RI Stronger, a multi-year initiative to dramatically improve Rhode Island through strengths-based training and education. This initiative emerged in response to a 2013 State of the American Workplace report that indicated RI had the highest percentage of ‘actively disengaged’ workers in the entire country and also to the oft-mentioned concern that Rhode Island suffers from low self-esteem and negative attitudes.

Make RI Stronger Impact

Thousands of managers, administrations, employees, self-employed people, job seekers and students have discovered their personal strengths during the three years since LRI launched this campaign. Many have learned how to apply their strengths with the help of 20 LRI-certified Strengths Coaches. And we're far from done. Here's just a snapshot of what we have achieved, together with our partners and the support of Gallup, since we launched in 2014.


Rhode Islanders have taken the CliftonStrengths assessment

350+ leaders

from over 250 companies and organizations have been assessed and trained

49th to 1st

RI has moved from #49 to #1 on Gallup's workplace performance measurement: "I get to use my strengths every day."

Who We've Worked With

So far, more than 60 companies and organizations from every sector have invested in understanding, developing and leveraging the strengths of their people by engaging in LRI's CliftonStrengths training.

Strengths Services

LRI can provide the following professional development services to companies in Rhode Island and throughout New England.

Coming Soon - RI Strengths Tours

Strength tours are coming to Rhode Island in 2018! For more details, contact Kevin Cooper: kcooper@leadershipri.org

Individual CliftonStrengths Assessment

Unlock your greatest potential by completing the CliftonStrengths assessment today!

In completing the CliftonStrengths assessment, you will join over 12,000 other Rhode Islanders who have discovered their greatest strengths since this initiative began.

Based on 40+ years of research into what sparks individual and team growth and development, and grounded in a positive psychology framework, CliftonStrengths is a 35-minute online assessment of personal talent that provides a starting point to identify areas where your greatest potential for building strengths exist.

To purchase a code at a 33% discounted rate, please go here.

Q12 Employee Engagement Surveys

To effectively measure the impact of a strengths-based intervention, companies need to know first how engaged employees are now.

If your company does not currently collect such information, LRI can implement Gallup’s Q12 Employee Engagement survey with all participating employees. This 5-minute, 12-question survey offers an effective tool that allows employers to measure and manage employee engagement in the workplace.

For more information about measuring your company’s employee engagement, please contact Kevin Cooper, LRI’s Strengths Expeditor.

Team CliftonStrengths Coaching

The best companies discover what comes naturally to people and position them to use their strengths to achieve consistent, near-perfect performance. A strengths-based approach creates a culture where employees have the opportunity to do what they do best every day because their talents are valued.

Businesses that make a strengths-based approach a priority enjoy greater productivity and profitability and a decrease in turnover. LRI, in partnership with your company’s leadership team, will create a customized strengths approach to meet your specific needs.

For more information about how your company can become strengths-based, please contact Kevin Cooper, LRI’s Strengths Expeditor.

Building STRONG Managers

Success of CliftonStrengths in the workplace depends on the integration of strengths into management and employee practices and daily operations. Managers hold the key to ensuring strengths becomes embedded in your company’s culture. This training will prepare managers to do this successfully.

LRI, in partnership with your leadership team and key personnel, will create a customized strengths approach to meet the specific needs of your management team.

For more information about creating STRONG Managers, please contact Kevin Cooper, LRI’s Strengths Expeditor.

LRI Train-the-Trainer Program

LRI’s Train-the-Trainer Program was designed and developed to expand the scope and reach of the ‘Make RI Stronger’ initiative. The Train-the-Trainer Program prepares participants to become proficient in the delivery of LRI CliftonStrengths services.

The Train-the-Trainer Program includes classroom training, shadowing a certified coach, as well as the practical experience of seeing strengths-in-action at many companies in RI that have adopted a strengths-based approach.

For more information about how LRI’s Train-the-Trainer program, please contact Kevin Cooper, LRI’s Strengths Expeditor.

LRI Strengths Coaches

LRI has a talented cadre of Strengths Coaches who have vastly different backgrounds, offer a wide range of expertise, and are capable of training your staff. Check them out below!

Imam Farid Ansari

Strengths Coach,  LRI '12

Imam, Muslim American Da-wah Center

Ting Barnard

Strengths Coach,  LRI '15

Owner/Connector/Creator, Ting (Local Marketing Consulting Firm)

Claudia Cardozo

Strengths Coach,  LRI '11

Community Development Manager, Coastway Community Bank

Mike Coelho

Strengths Coach,  LRI '13

Boys & Girls Club of Newport County

Judy Croyle

Strengths Coach,  LRI '09

Real Estate Consultant, William Raveis Chapman Enstone

Susan Daly

Strengths Coach,  LRI '13

VP of Strategy, RIMTA

Luke Driver

Strengths Coach

‎CTE and Curriculum Director, Academy for Career Exploration

Jorge Garcia

Strengths Coach

Senior Director of Professional Services, Carousel Industries

Tim Hebert

Strengths Coach

Chief Client Officer, Carousel Industries

Cathy Inglese

Strengths Coach

Assistant Basketball Coach, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Marcus Jannitto

Strengths Coach,  LRI '97

Brigadier General (Ret)

Emily Joseph

Strengths Coach

Opx Analyst, Lifespan

Karen King

Strengths Coach,  LRI '13

Managing Director of Administration, DiPrete Engineering

Valerie Littlefield

Strengths Coach,  LRI '10

Organizational Quality Service Manager, AIPSO

Mary Ellen Lynch

Strengths Coach

Adjunct Professor, Roger Williams University - School of Continuing Studies

Scott Mackes

Strengths Coach

Founder, Strengths Vision

Kim McCauley

Strengths Coach,  LRI '14

President/Founder, A Missing Link

Sulina Mohanty

Strengths Coach,  CLRI '06

STEP Project Director, Boston Public Schools

Janice Olsen

Strengths Coach,  LRI '15

Director, Product Development & Market Research, AAA Northeast

Taino Palermo

Strengths Coach

Program Director, Community Development, RWU

Michelle Saunders

Strengths Coach,  LRI '09

Manager, Organizational and Leadership Development, Ocean State Job Lot

Cindy Scibetta-Butts

Strengths Coach

Director, People Services, Preventure

Vanessa Toledo-Vickers

Strengths Coach,  LRI '01

Director of Operations, Academy for Career Exploration

Robert Vincent

Strengths Coach

Coordinator of Student Leadership Development, URI

Bethany Warburton

Strengths Coach

Principal Consultant, Granger Warburton Consulting